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Process Optimisation

Our work on process optimization for a large online business's fulfillment teams showcased our expertise in driving operational efficiency. We undertook the challenge of improving order management, wave planning, and bulk picking by identifying the best-selling products. Additionally, we implemented efficient methods to handle 'problem orders' seamlessly. Our efforts resulted in significant time savings, reducing management involvement by 90 minutes daily. Most importantly, we achieved an impressive 31% increase in daily order fulfillment, elevating the number from 890 to 1150 orders. This successful project exemplifies our commitment to delivering tangible results and maximizing operational performance for our clients.

Our expertise in process optimization was instrumental in assisting an online business with their specific requirement to implement static GBP pricing on their Northern Ireland site for certain brands. We recognized the need for a new process to support this objective. Collaborating with partners, we devised a robust solution by setting up system jobs to store the desired static prices within their commerce cloud. Through a well-coordinated sequence of tasks, we ensured that the static prices replaced the dynamic GBP pricing for the designated products on a daily basis, effectively meeting the client's needs. We also created a confluence space and fully documented the entire process for the client's reference.


With our automation expertise, we revolutionized manual tasks through the power of Python scripting. By building a suite of Python scripts, complemented by a convenient 'run_me' batch file, we enabled users to optimize their workflows effortlessly. Our automation solutions spanned various operations, including database querying, exporting data, performing VLOOKUPs in Excel, generating formatted Excel templates, and converting data into XML files. Additionally, we developed a Python script that completed a laborious 6-hour task in a mere 5 seconds. This breakthrough automation not only delivered output XML files based on simple input files but also provided detailed reports on erroring products and identified the specific issues encountered. Experience the transformative impact of our automation solutions, freeing up valuable time and enhancing productivity for your business.

We worked closely with the clients' contracted vendors to automate a congruency report check. Our planned overview process and automated jobs identified products available in-store but not for online orders. We meticulously planned an overview process and worked closely with these vendors to build automated jobs that seamlessly executed the necessary steps. By harnessing the power of automation, we enabled the business to effortlessly identify and address any discrepancies, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers across all channels.


One notable example of our reporting implementation expertise involved integrating a cost-effective reporting tool into a client's existing infrastructure. By leveraging our technical know-how, we seamlessly connected the tool with the client's diverse data sources, including sales data from various channels. With careful attention to detail, we crafted a comprehensive reporting solution that provided insightful analytics on the breakdown of the client's sales performance. This encompassed key metrics such as revenue, product sales, customer segments, and geographic trends. The user-friendly interface of the tool empowered the client to explore and visualize their sales data effortlessly, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and identify growth opportunities. Our expertise in implementing cost-effective reporting tools, combined with seamless data integration, transformed the client's sales analytics capabilities, ultimately driving their business forward.

Knowledge Management

Our expertise in Knowledge Management shines through a successful project where we designed and implemented Confluence Knowledge spaces for a client. We documented their custom business processes and changes, creating a centralized hub of valuable information. This not only facilitated the training and onboarding of new team members but also served as a reference point for existing team members seeking step-by-step guides on specific processes. By curating comprehensive and easily accessible knowledge resources, we mitigated errors and ensured consistent and efficient operations. The Confluence Knowledge spaces became a go-to platform for the entire team, fostering collaboration, sharing of best practices, and empowering everyone to work with confidence and accuracy. Our dedication to Knowledge Management transformed the client's ability to harness their collective knowledge and enhanced their overall productivity.

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